The Antidote to Fire

The Good Magician's trials
Finally, we make it out of the freakin' bar :)

Divad Hawk the rogue and Driana Elvenshlaid the wizard each venture from their respective elven villages hidden deep within the forests of Ravenfell, Divad as an emissary to the humans and Driana for sheer adventure. Driana gets caught up in the Freyalise Northern border outpost for lack of paperwork, and Divad, seeing this beautiful drow elf in distress, deigns to help her cross by lining one of the borderman’s pockets with gold. Driana is inquisitive of Divad, mistrusting him at first because of his roguish nature but nonetheless grateful for his assistance.

Eventually they make it to the city of Abacus, a day’s travel from the border. Here they find food and lodging, even at a discount thanks to Divad. Promptly, they head to the tavern and are welcomed by a human named Nimby Breachborn, a scarred, whitehaired man donning an ornate breastplate and two bastard swords crossed on his back. He offers them a business proposition; team up with me, and get a fair share of the treasure. Buying them a few drinks, he gives them the remainder of the day to ply their trades, Driana impressing the tavern patrons with magic tricks and Divad, with his cunning nature, spiking the drinks of a group of mercenaries and cutting their purses whilst they slumber.

Making his escape from the tavern keepers window, Divad is nonetheless confronted by a shady looking half-elf who noticed his skullduggery. He gives Divad an ultimatum; join the thieves guild, or face the repercussions. Divad shrewdly accepts his offer, under the moniker Dirgo Blint. Meeting Nimby and Driana at the inn, Nimby insists that they leave town immediately to avoid trouble with the mercenaries.

It takes a days travel the way they came to come to the mouth of a deep network of natural caverns, Nimby taking point. They encounter three monstrous centipedes from inside a slain kobold’s armor, quickly dispatching them, and make their way to to a large natural chamber wherein they find a large white flower upon a stone altar, along the way finding a strange key at the bottom of a pool and treating a wounded mountain lion’s injuries, which grants them passage. As they swim across the pool that surrounds the altar and approach the flower, it opens up and greets them. The flower is actually an Alraune, who is curious about the adventurers and friendly, yet states she is under a geis to protect the treasure in the temple beneath the altar. Divad, the cunning rogue that he is, convinced the Alraune to settle their conflicting interests by wits rather than battle, challenging her to a game of cups. Divad resists her charm and suggestion spells, tucking the ball away in his sleeve, so that the Alraune lost. A little miffed, the Alraune grants them passage, but Nimby stays behind.

They swim down and find a grate at the bottom of the altar leading to an underground temple. The drow princess they met before tells them to drink from the chalice on the altar to gain access to the treasure. They comply, assuming Nimby couldn’t make it because of his armor and decided to stay behind. They each take a drink from the chalice, Divad saving some of the water, and the tapestry on the back wall becomes a portal into the scene which it depicted. A pathway through a pleasant meadow leading up to a stone castle. Stepping into the scene, they make their way to the castle and are confronted by dopplegangers, who engage them in battle. Divad wins through unscathed; Driana, however, is badly injured. Divad spares Driana’s doppleganger, who concedes, and even splits the healing elixir between them. Doppleganger Driana agrees to do them no further harm.

Victorious, they are met by a stunning, voluptuous gorgon, who congratulates them on completing their trials. Divad is stunned by this revelation, as she led the party to pleasant company and hospitality. After they’ve eaten, she leads them to an old gnome hunched over a massive tome, who states his business; I have foreseen that you would come here, and I require a service of you; bring me the Antidote to Fire.

In exchange, the Good Magician Humphrey offers them a question, stating that he is the Magician of Information, and will answer accurately without doubt. Divad asks when where how why and what the Antidote of fire is; in response Humphrey tears a section of his tome and hands it to Divad. To him, it seems to be map, but the Gorgon assures him that it will help.

The Gorgon then leads them to the Castle cellar, which is home to a water spirit that grants wishes. Divad pours in his 4000 gp and wishes for a new bow. The spirit informs him, however, that he will soon come in possession of such an item, so he wishes instead for a bag of holding. They make their way back to the Alraune, who is named Chlorine, and find that she has bound Nimby hand and foot with her vines and is “treating” his scars that he received long ago. Nimby is out of breath, but has a wide grin across his face. Sure enough, his scars seem to have faded. Chlorine informs them that this is her last day of Service to the Good Magician and offers to come with them, stating that she found what she was looking for. She transforms herself into a longbow and offers her services to Divad, since he had bested her without landing a single blow.

The four set up camp for the night at the mouth of the cave, Nimby and Chlorine, Divad and Driana each enjoying the others company, girlish giggles coming from their tents.

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